Barbell bar

Barbell Bar

A barbell bar is essential to have - if you want to lift weights. Use your barbell bar build up your muscles with different exercises. 


With barbell bar you can train the whole body, the only tool you need is the bar and some disc weights. To train with a barbell bar is really effective and you can with the help of various exercises customize your workout based on your needs. 
On the barbell bar you can place the weights suitable for your training with the barbell bar.

The weights are from 1.25 kilograms up to the weight you can handle. You secure these weights with colors to prevent them from sliding off during exercise if it not secure it can result in injuries.

There actual barbell weight varies. There are bars from 10 kilogram up to 25 kilogram. The length of a barbell varies as well. The length vary  from 1.2 meters to over 2.4 meters, power-lifters primarily use long barbells.

Barbell bar training performed with good technology and high speed is very efficient for developing strength and explosiveness.


You can exercise your chest, back, shoulders, abs, buttocks, calves, thighs, biceps, triceps - almost all muscle groups in different exercises and you decide which muscles you want to train and how heavily. 


Weight training is injury prevention when performed correctly. There are different ways to use a barbell bar. First it's necessary to learn the different lifting techniques and then you can lift weights and perform exercises that suits you. 

At many gyms and you can also attend classes using barbell training with cardio.

With a barbell bar you can perform simple workout at your own pace – whenever you want to lift weights.


You can exercise chest by lying down on your back on a bench and grasp the barbell with both hands and push the barbell straight up until your elbows are close to being locked and lower it back slowly. 


If you want to train your shoulders you can hold the barbell in front of your neck, just above your shoulders and push the barbell straight up until you elbows come close to locking and lower it back down slowly.


Biceps can you train while standing, then you hold the barbell with your hands palms facing forward in a medium-grip position and raise the barbell up towards your shoulders and slowly lower it back down.


Triceps can you also train while standing up. Hold a barbell behind your shoulders, upper arms pointing up and elbows at 90 degree angles. Then raise the barbell by straightening your arms and slowly lower it back.


If you want to lose weight (read fat) one of the most effective things you can do is building muscles. Cardio and diet are also important, but when it comes to changing how your body looks, weight training is the most effective choice, if it is pumping iron or using Bodyweight.  

If you have hesitated to start, it may motivate you to know:
  • Help raise your metabolism. Muscle burns more calories than fat, so the more muscle you have, the more calories you'll burn all day long
  • Strengthen bones, especially important for women.
  • Make you stronger and increase muscular endurance.
  • Help you avoid injuries.
  • Increase your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Improve your balance and coordination.


The Bodyweight App contains the most exhaustive and comprehensive bodyweight programs ever created. Over 120 exercises and several programs, the possibility to create your own workout routines - the App has everything you need. 

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Bodyweight® Training System is a training equipment with which you use your own bodyweight as resistance to exercise. Bodyweight® is easily used at home by attaching it to a ceiling mount, or take along for the ride and attach to a hotel door or equally around a tree out on a hiking.

The gear consists of two bands with handles. The handles are made in grooved rubber to improve grip and allows you to perform the exercises more stable. The straps directly above the handles are curved and have room for hands and forearms, which improves mobility and prevents the risk that the bands will abrade the wrists and arms.

Beneath the handle are the foothold. Loops where you place your feet during certain exercises. The footholds are designed so that the feet should lay firmly in the Bodyweight and reduces the risk of your feet slipping away. Bodyweight is easy to adjust to the desired length by a simple motion between exercises.

The gear comes with a practical and stylish backpack that makes it easy to store, and or take, Bodyweight anywhere. Bodyweight takes very little space and has a very low weight!